Corona update

We are closed until June 1, but are certainly not idle! Our night porters are doing maintenance together with the technical service. The reception team is cleaning along with housekeeping. And the management teams of The Hague, Gouda and Woerden are preparing for a safe, new start. Nice packages are put together, safety measures are drawn up and we try to communicate well with all our guests and relations that we miss so much.

To make it healthy and safe for everyone, we work with the “We Care Clean” program from Best Western International.

  • We create a safe distance between guest and employee and we disinfect everything you touch - from the reception desk to the pens you use. Your key card will also be disinfected and of course disinfectant hand gel is available.  
  • Our team is closely monitored with regard to their health. They are instructed not to come to work if they are not healthy - and if they question their health, we ask that they take their temperature and check that they are healthy.  
  • Before your stay, your room will be cleaned, disinfected and carefully inspected, with an emphasis on contact points such as door handles, switches, telephone, etc. Our housekeeping staff wear gloves and face masks. They use separate laundry carts for clean and used bed linen and towels. You can decide whether your room should be cleaned during your stay, or if you prefer to only receive clean towels.  
  • You can choose from 3 different pre-packaged breakfast trays: Healthy, Dutch or Continental. These are ready at the agreed time and can be used in our cozy lounge or taken to your hotel room. All furniture is also disinfected in the lounge after each use. Best Western is a family of hoteliers.

We want you to know that we really care about you, your family and your health. We are a global community that cares about each other. We are ready to offer you a safe and clean stay, as "We Care Clean" is the new standard.

On behalf of our entire team; you healthy, we healthy!

Emma van Dorsten
and team Best Western Hotel The Hague